Office 365 more mobile number field show difference

Tien Ngo Thanh
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    I want guide user update mobile phone number in Hybrid configure . But i see more place show and can allow user update mobile phone number

    - : as here user can add mobile phone number , so with mobile phone number this is difference for contact information mobile phone number in outlook

   - : and mobile phone number here 

    so with mobile phone number will show with everyone ? 

    and which mobile phone will sync from on-premise through azure ad connect

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In Hybrid you should be managing things from the on-premises AD. But mobile phone attribute is a bit tricky, as some workloads (*cough* SharePoint *cough*) have their own ways to manage this attribute. Read: users need to manually enter it, because despite asking for 8 years since O365 was released, Microsoft is yet to provide a way to sync this attribute to SPO.

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