Office 365 groups members of another group

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Hello, I am trying to add an Office365 group as member of another Office365 group in Exchange Online. Using old distribution groups it wasn´t a problem. However, with this news Office365 groups I am not able to. Office365 groups don´t appear when adding members. 


does anybody know why and how to do?


Thanks and regards.

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Office 365 groups is not supported adding another group.

As has been said you can't nest groups, though it's been asked for, check out this thread and replies for a lot more info on this and the complexities involved.  


At extra cost, you can use dynamic groups with rule-based membership to automatically populate Office 365 Groups membership.  This allows for easy management of larger groups or the creation of groups that always reflect the organisation’s structure.   This does require  Azure AD Premium licensing, however.

@Cian Allner 

Not actually true.  You can nest groups, just not Microsot 365 Groups.  The lesson is just don't use office365 / Microsoft 365 groups.  They suck.  Distribution List Groups can be members of other groups and can have other groups as members.