Office 365 Groups & Spam

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Because Groups do not have folders in Outlook, can anyone tell me what happens to mail marked as spam sent to 365 Group address when configured to not "Send copies of group conversations and events to group members' inboxes" or notifications disabled when rules are in-place?

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One work around - to access the spam folder for a Microsoft 365 group:
1. Log into webmail (
2. When in webmail, looking at your inbox, on the left hand navigation right click on "Folders" and select "Add shared folder".
3. Search for the Microsoft 365 group, select it and hit add.
4. The Microsoft 365 group will now show up on the left navigation as an expandable folder where you can see and manage ALL the hidden folders like a normal mailbox (Archive, Deleted items, Drafts, Inbox, *Junk Email*, Sent Items).

Hopefully that helps others whom stumble on this thread due to missing emails.
you can simply add group as a shared mailbox to outlook, then you will see all group folders.
Thanks so much!!!! This worked!

@dejanr86 I am trying to find how to do it, but cannot seem to find these option. Help with a few steps will be much appreciated!

Thank you! This worked for me and it "clicked" right away because that's what we do already with shared mailboxes.