Office 365 group calendar missing?

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Ok, we dont know when this has happened.  But we created a Office 365 group via the admin gui portal. its been used as a document library and its the main teams group in MS Teams.  Now, the company wants to use the group 365 calendar.  however, when users are trying to access the calendar, its not visible in Outlook and when they try to use it online, it goes to their calendar.  In the URL, it has:<tenantIDName>/<office 365 group>/view/month


now, using the channel calendar in teams works.  Reading the channel calendar, it seems its a filtered view of the office 365 calendar.  which has been tested on another group and seems to be true.


we have called office 365 support and they are stumped as well.  


Is there anything we can do (powershell cmdlets) toget this working/visible?



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i will also try these suggestions. some of the previous works in other scenarios, but in one tenant its not working and we created another office 365 group as a workaround. but still want to come back to this time after time
I'm hoping you since figured this out, but the error is related to the cmdlet missing from your module. Looks like root cause is related to permissions. This user noted that he didn't have Exchange Administrator role in Azure AD. Once added and reloading, that module worked.

@Suleyman AliWe working through a rolling event where staff's group calendars and/or group email folder disappear. Disabling and then enabling Outlook caching is correcting this issue for us.