Office 365 E5 grou-based licencing

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Hello experts,


We currently manage our E5 license assignment using PowerShell and populate the Usage location during the license assignment and we do not sync this from our on-prem AD. we are moving our E5 to group-based licensing model and we will sync the Usage location attribute from AD to AAD. I found on MS TechNet that when we start syncing usage location from AD to AAD, it will not change usage location on any existing user accounts in O365.


If you implemented this did you experience any issue or impact to exisitng users in o365?

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Hello @Ketzpatel. In all cases where I did this, I've not experienced any issues, except for a possible license plan conflict if you also have lower licenses available and want to move someone from a lower license to a higher license. As an example, we also had people with an Office 365 E1 license, which includes Exchange Online Plan 1. The E3/E5 license contains Exchange Online Plan 2 and this would generally cause a conflict. 

Thank you @pvanberlo.

We have only E5 in the tenant so that should be no issue. the only concern is we never populated or sync usage location from AD to O365. we used to assign licenses and stamp usage location in O365 via PS. so now if we sync usage location for all users from AD to Azure, will that overwrite the current usage location stamped on the user accounts in O365?
so we have mapped the C attribute to usage location attribute in AAD and it works but what I have noticed is once the license is assigned to a user and usage location is set, modifying the C attribute in AD again does not overwrite the usage location again. Not sure if this is by design.