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I need to create one scenario for DLP solutioning on O365.

X is a member of the Financial team from the bank. now he wants to share the Sensitive information with certain external employees which is legitimate and doable in O365 DLP. X should also be able to share the same information only with his team members from the bank but if he tries to send this information outside the team to another employee of a bank that should be prohibited and should raise an incident.


Is that possible in Office 365 DLP to create such policy? 

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There are no conditions that cover this scenario yet. You can use the old-style Exchange DLP controls with the "message sent between members of these groups" condition, but obviously that will only cover email, not files shared from SPO/ODFB or other workloads.

@Vasil Michev any other method to complete such requirement? :(

Not currently, although Microsoft is working on expanding the DLP controls.

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