Office 365 Corporate Templates Asset Library - Not showing up

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Hi community

We have setup an "Office 365 Corporate Templates Asset Library" in our company - according to specifications from Microsoft and various blogs.


We have now stored various templates in the library ... and now it's getting exciting

we have a multi-geo tenant. A few users see the new "Tab" in Word and a few users not


Until recently it was that everyone with @ ****.com did not see it (except me) and everyone with e.g. @ and @ saw it. since a few days, also some other with @ ****.com see it - but I see no difference between the other users 

first thought that in the @ **** location the CDN cannot get through the firewall, which I think I can discard. a few see it


  • I can't "nail" it to a Domain of this multi-geo tenant
  • I think we installed more or less all the latest possible Office version
  • I think it can't be a firewall
  • since a few can and a few not, I can also exclude any permissions (I think)

With Microsoft support, I haven't got any further for 6 weeks and about 20 emails ... and everytime test the same things and do a "Steps Recording" 

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no, i also not see a reason for it - the GeoLoation are just the storage location, it has no impact on the access permissions

some of other GeoLocation has access to it and some not
Did you resolve this? We also experience this for some users. Difficult to know how many.