Office 365 - centrally managing calendars

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I have several Clients that have the following Calendaring needs;


 - We need to create calendars in a central location (so that when users depart it doesn't remove widely used shared calendars

 - The users need to be able to access the calendars from the O365 WebUI, the Outlook application, and Their smartphones native Calendar.


There are many calendaring options, but they all seem lacking. Public folder calendars, for example, do not seem to have the capability to be added to a cell phone in any way, but are centrally managed, The manager field in O365 does a good job of allowing people to see eachother's Calendars IF they are using the outlook app, but they don't show on the web apps.


The best solution I have found to accomplish this is to create a licensed mailbox and create calendars in there and then share them out AND publish them as ICS....... but is there a better way??


I run into similar issue with contacts too, but am I crazy in thinking it's a pretty basic company need to centrally share an manage contacts and calendars and make them accessible through Office apps, on a phone and on the web? Any advice or best practice here is very appreciated. Thank you.

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You can look into using M365 Groups too, though functionality-wise you're probably better off using a shared/user mailbox. And yes, the contacts situation is even worse, if you need access across all modalities.