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Iam Looking For:
Find a backup solution for our Office 365 data such as SharePoint/OneDrive content, e-mails, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks etc. !

The harddrives of the machine definitly need to be encrypted. Not sure of synology can do that reliably (LUKS?). Synology had some security issues in the past, but they might have been only relevant if they are exposed to the internet.

I think we have two options:

  • Backup in the office on encrypted drives with very restricted access (SSH?)
  • Encrypt backup and upload it to S3 (not sure if there's a tool for that)

I'm fine with both. Is there an open source tool that can mirror Office 365 on a local machine? (Linux) is the Synology tool proprietary?

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Might not be helpful but my inclination is to say don’t do this! Unless you have very specific requirements and the resources to manage this, your unlikely to need a Office 365 backup solution, in most cases. If you do have to have it, you’d be looking at something like Ahsay, that I believe could do what you are after, at a cost of course. There are plenty of other options too, not familiar with Synology and how well it can do this, perhaps some other members will have an opinion.

@Cian Allner  Thank .
i try to Encrypt backup and upload it to S3 . Maybe i will finde any Encrpt  opensource Tools to mak this and upload it to s3 .



We use AvePoint Cloud Backup for O365. 

Its a cloud based service, which saves the data directly to the cloud (it uses azure storage in the backend)


Im very happy with this solution, but it costs some money :D

@o365_kev  thank you ! can you giv more details pls .How you do it ?

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