Office 365 Authentication in Non-Persistent VDI

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We are using Office 365 on non persistent VDI. This works well but almost every day we get a call from random user that he/she gets the message 'need password' in outlook. We then delete the folder 'LocalAppData\Packages\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy'. Logoff and in again. The user then gets the prompt to fill in the credentials and everything works.


This happens after a password reset but not always and not exclusively. We use FSLogix as profile manager. Office 365 is up-to-date and so is FSlogix.


I've tried almost everything I found on the internet regarding non-persistent VDI. But nothing worked. 


Extra: When the user needs to authenticate after a password reset. They get a prompt from Outlook and Teams so they have to authenticate twice.



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Are you able to resolve this?



We are having the same problem, not able to get Office to work in non-persistent Citrix VDI environment. Did you ever find a solution?