Office 365 ATP integration with Menlo


Hi Community!


I have a scenario were our customer have Office 365 ATP license and at the same time Menlo. But currently we are having issue with Safe Links Feature. I am trying to search if there are integration we can do between this products. so they can work together even if both are enabled to the users.


Hope someone can enlighten me with this.


Thank you!

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Hi, Office 365 ATP can integrate with Microsoft Defender ATP as per and there are also some SIEM integration capabilities as per


Menlo is not a product I'm familiar with and don't know if it's classed as a SIEM tool, but if it is then it may be possible to use the O365 management API to link them in some fashion.  I imagine it will be best to have a conversation directly with Menlo to see what their tool is capable of.



Menlo also works like O365 ATP it also have Safe Links feature. If there are really no integration I guess we could just state the edge of it on the customer.