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I have a question about Office 365 apps updates. We currently have devices that are AzureAD joined. In the past mostly everything was done in Intune but recently I have noticed that most settings are now controlled in the Office 365 Admin center. I have different Office 365 apps packages made in Endpoint Manager and they are assigned using different security groups. We have one package that's semi-annual targeted and the other is targeted (preview). From what I understand the preview will get the updates first so that certain people can evaluate them before they are released to our end users. Now I see that there's a setting in the admin center under org settings > organization profile > release preference. The settings in there don't seem to align with the release versions in Endpoint manager. For instance, semi-annual targeted & semi-annual targeted (preview) in Endpoint manager and in the O365 admin center you have the option for standard release for everyone, targeted release for everyone or targeted release for select users. I'm kinda confused as to which one to use. Does Endpoint manager override the settings in O365 admin center? Or do they work together? Just wondering how everyone else is handling this?  

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The settings in the portal apply to the service as a whole, the ones in Endpoint Manager are specific to that O365 package.