Office 365 apps keep needing repair every 1-2 weeks

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I have been having a problems with office 365.


Every 1-2 weeks, I get the error:


We're sorry, but (office app name) has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. (Office app name) will need to be closed as a result. Would you like to repair now?

[Repair Now] [ Help] [Close]


The repair now button shuts down the app but then does nothing

Help is as unhelpful as the office paperclip

Close does the obvious


  • I have tried the office Fixit program which doesn't fixit
  • I have tried the DISM and SFC/Scannow utilities
  • I have even tried removing all previous office versions in the registry manually as the Fixit Program didn't do anything
  • When I try the online or offline repair - it does a partial uninstall of office and then closes with nothing actually being fixed
  • I have tried starting in safe mode, but that does not help.
  • I can only reinstall office using the offline installer.
  • The online installer has major issues with stopping the install with a very generic message about it cannot be installed and the online error number has no valuable help.


I feel like I'm paying for Office 365 but I'm not getting any value out of it if every 1-2 weeks I have to spend 1-2 hours trying to uninstall and reinstall it.


Any help with this would be most appreciated as I am going crazy.

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I have the same problem. After decades of faultless use of Office suite use with one off purchases, I finally went for the Office suite subscription. Now I am once again having to repair / re-download / re-install Office in order to open a simple Word document. Sorry, Microsoft, this is not good enough. Any solutions?

I have an almost identical problem, maybe even worse. When I click on Word or Outlook, the program takes forever, and I mean f-o-r-e-v-e-r to start, if in fact it ever does. When I do finally get it to open and am ready to start doing something, I frequently (>75% of the time) get a "not responding" message and wait a few more minutes for that to resolve, or often I'll just shut down the program and do a full online repair. Happens far too often, and never happened, as far as I can recall, prior to my using Office 365. Previously I had Excel, Word, Access etc all as "free standing" programs, going back decades.