Office 365 API - How to get room informations and display on webpage?

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I need to evaluate the right way to create a webpage/app to show all available meeting rooms of an organisation controlled by Office 365. I don't need a technical solution, but I would like to know the "recommend parts" I need to learn and check for development by myself.

This are my questions:

  1. Which API do I need to access the available rooms? Does the same API provides the endpoints for the meeting time and subject?

  2. Is it possible to create this App in PHP, React or NodeJS? Or do I need something like .NET etc.?

  3. What's the best way to authorize the API? Do I need a special Azure subscription or something like that?I also check this but  can't find better solution:

I have attached a simple mockup how the frontend should look like:




I would be very happy if someone with more experience with Office 365 could shed some light on the matter :)

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