Office 365 & Outlook 2021 Calendars time bar obscures current appointment

Copper Contributor

The calendars in Office 365, Webmail, & Outlook 2021 have a black (or for webmail, blue) current time & date line that is now an overlay which OBSCURES THE TEXT in the current appointment. 

The previous blue current time & date line was in the background, behind appointments. 

The (updated) black current time & date line needs to display behind appointments.

Yesterday (02/23/22), we only saw this with Office Outlook 2021. Today (02/24/22) the text is also blocked in Office 365 & Webmail on a Windows 10 Chrome Browser, and Webmail in an iOS safari browser.

The blocked text has already caused people in my organization to miss appointments.

Will there be an update to correct this?

The first image is from Current Webmail.


This image is from (the old) Office 2016.




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