Office 365 admin - edit manager not available

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As the admin of an O365 domain, I should be able to edit the manager (boss) of each of the users.

However, in the user page, the "manager" field isn't available.


Is there a way to fix this?


Thanks in advance!

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Define the "user page"? You can edit it from the admin center > Users > select the user > Add/Edit manager field in the user pane. Also available in the Exchange admin center or via PowerShell. And the Graph API of course.



This is what I mean by "User page" -> In red.

It is not showing up.




what role is assigned to you in your tenant ?

@NunoN370  ,


i was able to update it from both Exchange admin center and User admin portal. The only reason it might not allow you to update is , may be in your case ,accounts are synced from AD . in that case you need to update manager field in AD 







As the 0365 Admin you are the user's manager?