[OFFICE 365] Activation issue on 5th computer

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Hope you will be able to shed some lights on this issue.

I'm currently trying to activate a 5th computer using an Office 365 subscription account XXXX@XXX.onmicrosoft.com.

This account is provided by my ministery as I am a French Teacher.


I already activate successfully 4 computer as you can see above.

But when activating another one (Windows 10 Home) I get this error.

Please not that I installed the office package directly from the link in the Screenshot above.


The error message basically says "Sorry, We encounter an issue related to your Office 365 subscription. We need your help to fix it".

When I click on "Accéder à votre compte", it sends me directly to the webpage with the 1st screenshot. 

With such an unclear message, It is hard to know where to look.


Thanks for your help with this.


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