Office 365, 3rd Part App and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop

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Hi, so my company is using a 3rd party financial software published on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. The app uses Excel to create spreadsheets, and Outlook to send email out to customers through the 3rd party app. We had Outlook 2013 on the server and had no problems. We have replaces it with Office 365 on the Citrix server and have run into problems. I installed it in shared computer mode, but it won't work for the user until they activate Office. Each user is licensed for 365, but in order to activate it, they need to sign on to the desktop and open either Excel or Outlook to activate it before it will work in our software. Problem is, we can't share the desktop to let them activate it. Is there anyway to auto activate Office 365 for each user? Thanks for your help.

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