O365 Hybrid Deployment

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My organization is currently in a full hybrid O365 Deployment. I believe that is what you call our setup anyway. We currently have migrated all of our mailboxes to O365 but we still have to create new users and manage our users from our on premise 2016 Exchange. Another organization I am familiar with uses O365 and they just sync their users information with A/D sync. When they create a new users, they have to create the user in their A/D and in O365. The passwords are synced through A/D sync which runs every 15 minutes. I believe you refer to this as a minimal hybrid deployment.

My question is, how do I get from a full hybrid deployment to a minimal hybrid deployment? Is there a tech article on this?

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Every configuration involving DirSync inherits the requirement to have at least one Exchange box for management purposes. What the second organization's configuration is called is "unsupported" :)


If you don't care about the "supported" bit, you can decommission your Exchange server and manage things directly via ADUC/PowerShell. There are plenty of articles out there detailing such configuration, look them up.