O365 Group Retention

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I am trying to document O365 group retention and explain how it works, however there is nothing in the MS Docs about it, they only explain in detail Teams, Exchange, OD and SPO and Yammer. 


Does anyone have any info on how it works and maybe examples?

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Since Groups are a "mix" of few different features, retention "inherits" the mechanism used by the corresponding workload. As in, for the Group mailbox the same process as with Exchange mailboxes applies, for the Group site the same process as with other SPO sites applies, etc.
But here I am speaking of the group "behind the scenes", so for example, I delete my MS Team and I am allowed to, however the group behind it will still stand for the duration of retention policy period, which means it wont be able to get deleted. Only way is to let the group expire and it bypasses retention and goes in the deleted page on the admin center for 30 days to then be hard deleted for good. Something like this.