o365 group default settings "Let people outside of the organisation email the group"

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How do I set it so new groups are created with the setting  "Let people outside of the organisation email the group" toggled on to begin with 


I guess i have to change a org policy?

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There is no such setting, you have to change the property after creation.
Hello, let me just add to the above that you can use PowerShell for this using the RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled parameter.


Yes I've used the powershell cmdlet Set-UnifiedGroup -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false
to apply this to all current sites.
But I've setup site designs studio to automate the deployment of sites. I can create a script to load with the new site creation but I havent found reference to a json schema that does the same and excuse my profound ignorance but I presume I can't just use the cmdlet -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false in the json like below
"verb": "RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled",
"capability": "False"
Sorry, missed your previous reply. I have no idea, try it?