o365 family-own domain: automatically change "from" address to own domain when replying to email?

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I have o365 family subscription with "basic" account  in domain @outlook.com.  I added own domain - lets say mydomain.com.  It works great, but

when I receive email to acount[at]mydomain.co  and I press reply - reply form opens with "acount[at]outlook.com" not "account[at]mydomain.co".   Yes, I know.. I can press "from" button and change manually address, but too frequently I forget to change this address and recipient receives email from another address, what makes confusion.
In google I have several accounts on one address and it perfectly recognizes address to which message was sent to, and put correct address in "from".
How to do this in outlook (both: desktop and web(OWA))? How to force outlook to put in "from" address to which message was sent to?
I want to stress that own domain is connected with basic account so it is not separate account what would allow to use correct address.

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