O365 Business Standard License in Disabled mode

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I have a customer who is using open volume prepaid licenses within O365 where they buy them each year.


This is the first time i've used volume licensing for O365 which I inherrited the setup for, and the customer forgot to forward me the renewal notice, so within O365 admin console, Products area it marked my O365 Business Standard license as disabled, meaning none of the mailboxes worked.


I have since installed a new O365 Business Standard Open license which says Active and mail is working again but the old license scares me as it sits there in 'disabled' mode and at the top in red it says your O365 Business Standard Subscription will be deleted in X days. 


Is this typical of how O365 volume licensing works? the old prepaid license will just disable and delete itself and the products will keep working on the new license thats installed?


I just worry in X days my unlicensed 'shared mailboxes' or even the in use O365 business standard mailboxes will get deleted! 


Does anyone have experience with open volume licencing and O365?




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Yes. That’s generally how it works. Nothing to worry about.