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excuse me for the trouble.


I spent many time to looking for a solution without success. My question is the following: 


Could be possible to schedule a send by email for the report related to the mailbox usage (on the O365 Admin center)?

It could be exported in CSV in the properly page (link), but no further action seem to be allowed.


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No, at least not with the standard Office 365 toolset. Only a very limited subset of the reports can be scheduled, and this one isn't one of them. Third party tools offer this functionality, or you can schedule a tasks that invokes PowerShell to generate the report (or any other programmatic way to query the Graph API).

@Vasil Michev thank you very much for your precious information!


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If you are interested in a 3rd party solution, you shall check out Office 365 Reporting Tool by AdminDroid. You shall check the live demo of the tool here 

@Robert Luck thank you very much for your advice.


I will give it a chance!
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@Robert Luck would be nice if people refrain from advertising their products. I work for an ISP that offers a reporting product, yet you don't see me spamming every other post with links to our products. If the OP is interested in third-party tools, he can surely do a search online, or even ask for recommendations here.