Notice: Your Office 365 E3 developer subscription is expiring soon - cannot login

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I got an email from Microsoft stating they no longer support Office 365 E3 developer offering - and that I should sign in and delete the subscription for E3 - and when I have deleted it - the Microsoft 365 E5 subscription will start automatically.


The problem I have is that when i sign in - I get this message:



We're unable to sign you in with this account

You can't sign in to the Microsoft 365 Developer Program with your sandbox subscription administrator ID. Please sign in with your Developer Program account. For details, see the FAQ.

MS-CorrelationId: 00000000-a228-407b-b67b-b43c54d7e2bf



I do not have any other logins assigned to the developer account - when logging into Azure Entra - I can only see one account and one guest account. I have changed the domain associated with the office account - a long time ago - perhaps that is causing problems.

Any idea how to proceed?


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Don't quite get it, you got one tenant to and own one E3 and one E5?

Sorry for the confusion. I have a Office 365 E3 developer subscription. Microsoft no longer support the Office 365 E3 developer. So according to their mail - I have to delete my Office 365 E3 developer - and when a Office 365 E5 developer will automatically be assigned.