No transfer of new appointments to the calendar

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Hello all,
I have noticed a behavior in the calendar, which is new for me. I am using M365 business and accordingly Exchange Online, MS Teams etc. This account is set up in my iPhone (iOS 14.3) and accordingly I actually see all appointments:

Now I have received an invitation (team meeting). I have accepted this invitation and the sender has also received the confirmation accordingly and my acceptance is stored in his appointment.

I also see my acceptance under the "sent objects".


However, the appointment was not automatically added to my calendar. The manual adding (via ics.-file) was also not saved.


I first thought of an error in the synchronization of the iOS device. But the calendar is also not displayed portal (Outlook for Web). But I can create appointments normally, which are also displayed correctly on all end devices.

Have any of you observed this behavior as well ?


Best regards


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Hi @Deleted,

Did you accept the calendar invite on your iPhone? The native mail app on iPhone was designed originally for email, and not for calendar, there're many discussions on the internet describing this issue. My recommendation would be to configure a 3rd party email app on your iPhone: Outlook, Boxer, etc. You can keep the calendar sync'd on your native mail app if need be, but to take any actions (accept/decline/tentative/create/delete/move) I'd suggest using the 3rd party app.