New style interface within the new admin centre/unable to add Office 365 group


Within the new admin centre, there appears to be a new style of interface being introduced. I'm going to call it "New staged interface" because I don't know what the correct term is. 


This is an example of the old "New Office 365" interface: 


And this is an example of the new "staged" interface:  - note the "stages" list down the left hand side.


Some questions:


  1. Why do some admin users get the old interface but some get the new? And this is inconsistent. Some admin users get old interface in "Add group" and some get the new. However, everyone appears to get the new staged interface for "Add user". Everyone has been using the new admin centre for months, if not years
  2. What is the correct name for this new "staged" interface within the new admin centre?
  3. In the new "staged" interface for add group, the next button is disabled and one can't add a new Office group: 

The later being the reason we ended up here. A bug surely?

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As with many new features, they gradually rollout the bits and it can take weeks or even months for the release to complete, so it's kind of expected. And sadly, so are bugs, as QA hasn't been a priority for Microsoft for years now...


You should just use the Feedback button in the AC to put all this info in, nobody from Microsoft will read it here.

This was definitely a bug which has now been fixed. My guess is that the keypress event in the "Name" box wasn't been processed - which is what enables the next button.


Why some users get a different newer user interface within the new admin centre is still a bit of a mystery but I'm not going to loose any sleep over it.