New search bar issue

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Can we get an option to put the search bar back into it is proper spot. It looks dumb stuck in the title bar.

Also, it needs just to search. Not guess at what I am trying to do.

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It's a common request/complaint, but unfortunately the higher ups at Microsoft have made up their mind on this, and there's no going back, no option to toggle it off or customize it in any way. You can still vote it on UserVoice, but I wouldnt hold my breath...


The higher ups need to stop listening to their marketing and designs teams. They have no idea what they are doing.

You're definitely not the only one thinking this... but there's nothing we can do about it now. 

@BMCer I have the same complaint from a user yesterday, but I hope the user can understand and get use to this since Microsoft does not allow us to move this bar to another spot.


If this was also a file(doc from the user profile) search bar then it would make sense to have it at the title area.

Poor location! It would be a bit better if it were at least large enough to click on easily, but it looks like it was both decreased in size and also moved to a peripheral location.