New Outlook365 UI Opens Calendar in New Tab

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Today I was trying out the "The new Outlook" UI feature in And I realized that when I clicked on the calendar icon in the left bottom corner next to the mail icon, that a new tab is created to open the calendar instead of navigating to the calendar in the current tab. Is there a way to make the calendar panel stay in the same browser tab?

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I just tested now, confirm it works as you pointed above. Sounds like its by design. I am not sure this can't be overridden, but i may be wrong as well. If you want to make a feature request/changes/suggestions, then submit them at Outlook/Office 365 UserVoice.


Hope this helps.

It's indeed by design, and was discussed in the comments under the initial "announcement" of the new OWA experience. I'm not aware of any plans to change it, but yes, there's always UserVoice :)

Ok, thanks I will look into that.
I see. Will look into UserVoice. Thanks!

The flaw in this design is that for users who are used to using Outlook on a PC, we are trained to click the calendar/mail/task/contact icons at the bottom of Outlook to switch among the functions.  I am finding it terribly difficult to untrain myself.  So I end up with 3-4 mail tabs and 3-4 calendar tabs open simultaneously.  This should be a user option.

This behavior was changed back still in 2019, but with a most recent update it is back like this.

Would be great to have an option in settings to open the calender in same or new window.
In Firefox, this behavior can be override (for all pages).