New-OMEConfiguration command not available

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I have a M365 E5 Developer license, which includes AIP Premium P2.

When I connect to EXOManagement, and run the 'Get-Command *-ome*', the New-OMEConfiguration command is not available.


I can execute most of the E5 features like auto-labeling, content explorer, however, I cannot create a custom OME template. Is there anything I may be missing?


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Hello, I have the same license and can reproduce. Sometimes it's necessary to add explicit permission for a cmdlet and this is most likely the case even though you've got global admin rights. I had to adjust my previous post as the other tenant I tested with already had additional permissions. So when testing on a new tenant with GA I can't see it. You can read more about it here New-OMEConfiguration (ExchangePowerShell) | Microsoft Docs


If you're not sure simply add the highest role group as it's in your test tenant.

@ChristianJBergstrom thank you!

Following the guidance, I verified I had assigned myself the role groups in the compliance portal permissions.

However, I did explicitly assign the 3 role groups using the cmdlet add-rolegroupmember for: Compliance Management, Organization Management, Records Management


Sadly, I still cannot see the new-omeconfiguration.


Logged off exomanagement before logging back in after approx. an hour to recheck permissions, and no luck.

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@nortonxn Hello again, I must apologize for the confusion. I've just now tested after a colleague of mine told me he could only see that option in another tenant with a different license.


So I closed down everything and started over with my test tenants, and now I am pretty sure you won't be able to use New-OMEConfiguration with the DEV E5 trial as that doesn't have the license option called "Premium Encryption in Office 365".


I have tried this with two different DEV E5 trials having the exact same permission as another tenant subscription with Office 365 E5, and the above "Premium Encryption in Office 365" is what stands out for me.


Will return if anything changes and the cmdlet suddenly works in my DEV E5 tenants.

Thank you for these findings Christian. I came across another thread that seem to imply the same. Did a side by side comparison of the E5 versus E5 developer, and indeed the Premium Encryption is a difference.


"Premium encryption in office 365" license features? - Microsoft Community


I'll keep checking the tenants as well to see if the capability shows up after explicitly assigning those role groups yesterday, however, I believe you may have found the answer.