new emails going to deleted items on outlook

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Good day

one of my users' new emails are going straight to deleted items instead of inbox.

What could be the issue?



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Likely a (hidden) rule, you can check via MFCMAPI (sample guide here: or the following PowerShell cmdlet:

Get-InboxRule -Mailbox email address removed for privacy reasons -IncludeHidden

If you find such a rule, you can delete it via Remove-InboxRule.
thank you for response.
the messages which go to deleted items are not related, and I cannot find the message which is configured to be ignored.


does the same apply on Exhange online?
Hi Lebone,

You can find the Ignore configuration by following the steps below:
In the Deleted Items folder, select the conversation that you want to recover, or any message within that conversation. By default, the Deleted Items folder is arranged by date. To change to Conversation view, select Arrange By, and then select Conversation.

On the Home tab, in the Delete group, select Ignore Ignore conversation.

Ignore conversation

Select Stop Ignoring Conversation.

The conversation is moved back to your Inbox. Future messages are delivered to your Inbox.

Note: The Stop Ignoring Conversation command in step 3 appears in the Stop Ignoring Conversation dialog box. This dialog box doesn’t appear if you previously selected the Don’t show this message again check box.

And yes, same applies on Exchange Online.
There also could be an Outlook rule which is moving the emails into Deleted folder. Please check for Outlook rules too.

Hope this helps.

Hi Swati

the ignore conversation option is not enabled on any of the emails in the deleted items folder, and emails which go straight to the folder are not related. there is no outlook rule set to move new emails to deleted items.