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I was at the Ignite convention and during one of the sessions they showed us how to activate the new admin portal feature on the top right side of the navbar. I realized we were not signed up for testing new features after talking to the Admin at the expo center, he showed me how to to enable it. So i did but I still do not see that button on the navbar. How long does it usually take? Do you have to get selected to test it? It had some nice new features.

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There is nothing you can do to speed when you can have the new Admin Center Experience...just wait until it hits your tenant


Hi @Gary Choinski,


You can have more information here :


and if you read the support documentation :


look at "Participate in the preview" : Note: Access to the preview will be rolled out to all Microsoft 365 admins. Admins who are in the Targeted release group in their organization will get the preview first. Being in Targeted release does not guarantee you will see the toggle immediately, but you will get it sooner than those in Standard release.


Don't forget "If you choose Targeted release for selected users, make sure that you add your admin account (and any other admins in your org who want to participate) to the list of selected users."

By the way, I have already the new Admin Center in one of my tenants