New 365 account lost access

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I would really value some input on an issue with setting up a 365 account. I have lost access due to a couple of simple errors that now have me locked out. 

I have purchased a domain from GoDaddy and purchased the 365 subscription direct from Microsoft. In order to link the domain to the 365 account I set up the 365 subscription first. 

First issue - I set the account up using my iPhone and I used the suggested complex password. For some reason this hasn’t saved in my keychain. 

Second issue - the password i used for the 365 account is the one I was trying to set up so have no way to recover the reset password function. 

Really appreciate any help 

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In this case, it is better to contact Microsoft support, have a look at:

@Reza_Ameri Thank You

Welcome, in such a case support engineer need to look into data and take some actions. There is not much you could do.


Please contact Microsoft Support for this case