need to turn off time line on 365 Outlook Calendar

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Today for no reason I started seeing a line that runs from the left of my Work Week Calendar to the Current Day of the week. This line moves down with the time of day. It is very hard to see items on my calendar when ever it crosses in the middle of an appointment. Need to turn this off. Once again it just showed up in the middle of the day today. I have attached a screen shot showing what I mean with an arrow point to the line

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I wish this would let me post a picture of what this looks like on my screen. I have three items starting at 8 AM and because this line runs across all three of them none of them can be read. Please MS, just let us turn the line off if we want! Please!

This is a bad feature.  I don't remember what the other way was before this, but this is very annoying.   I use a daily calendar at 30 minute intervals.  It's not so bad at 15 min intervals, but that takes up way too much space.    Why does M$SOFT think we need this with no option to disable it?   I have clock on my computer that tells me the time, I have a wall clock in front of me.  We all have smart phones, watches, calendar reminder pop ups etc.