Need Help/Guidance with Getting a Form to Import Into Excel

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Hey all!

I'm a frequent user of some of the MS products, but after extensive research I'm still not fully certain which direction(s) to head to solve my issue.

My current assignment is to track employees for various things on a daily basis.

Right now I send texts to employees on my cell phone, and record the data they send me by hand into a spread sheet in Excel. The excel sheet is our "master sheet" and we add/delete people as need be from it.

I want to automate the process so I can send out a URL daily to everyone through a group messaging app, and then have a form they fill out populate that same master excel sheet in real time. The only caveat is that I need to be able to see who has responded and who hasn't when compared to the "master sheet" so I can tell (out of a 100+ people) who responds and who does at the end of the day. 

Any and all help would be appreciated. Not sure if MS Forms will allow you to do a pre populated list of empolyees 


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