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I'm a newbie on these forums so forgive me if I do this wrong.


I'm trying to find out where I can get some answers. I had to install windows again, so obviously I also had to install Office again.


After doing so I start outlook and it looks very different. I really dislike this look,  but that's not my question.


I use 'favorites'. I always make a search folder for 'unread' mail,  so it shows me all unread regardless of which folder it's in.


I also did not have 'junk' mail included.


Now I can't figure out how to even create or display favorites and when i do manage it am I to understand that I'm stuck having my junk folder displayed with my real mail?


If this isn't the appropriate place to answer, could someone point me to the right place? I do have an enterprise level 3 account that this is associated with, so should I be putting a ticket request in that way?

Sorry, I don't use support often and I don't know the best practices. Thanks for reading!

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