My lists are not listed in Microsoft Lists

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This is my first-time using Microsoft Lists in this Office tenant. I can create a new list, either as my own list or saved to a SharePoint site. However, none of the lists I create will show up in my Microsoft Lists (see attached screenshot). 

Does anybody know why?

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Hello @Andre Siregar


Your lists have data?

I tried and got the same issue, but when I added an item to the lists they appears there.


Hope this helps.




@jaymaradiaga It doesn't work, unfortunately. I tried populating my list with data and it still does not show up in the Lists dashboard. So now after I create my list, I cannot find them. 

@Andre Siregar and if you type the name of the list in the search box, something appears?

Has anyone found a resolution to this? I'm seeing the same in at least one of my tenants.

Workaround: I am able to see my lists at where All content and My recent content are listed.

Hi, I am experiencing the same issue three years after this thread was created.
Maybe someone has advice for this now?