Multiple Prompts for Exchange Email password in Outlook.

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I have a client that has a GoDaddy Premium Business Account with an Exchange email platform.  The account comes with all of the Microsoft 365 apps including Outlook.  Ever since the recent Exchange outage, Outlook has been constantly prompting for or displaying at the bottom of the window "Need Password".  I have removed and re-added the account in question.  I have removed the profile and added a new one under a different profile name.  I have removed the second (different domain) exchange email account from the profile.  Even in the office apps like Word, Excel and Outlook, under account options, i logged out of one of the accounts the app was licensed to.  Now it will intermittently disconnect and ask for a password.  I also removed all of the Web and Windows Credentials relative to GoDaddy and or Office.  It still continues to require authentication.  

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@gcalvillo Here is an error messaage after I rebooted the PC, opened Outlook, was required to enter my password again.  Outlook never opened.  I had to kill the process to quite the program.