MS Teams, prevent people to write in channels

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Hi all,

I have a question for my MS Teams organisation.

I created a full flow with Power Automate and a Runbook to generate MS Teams for every project depending on a template.

Now I would like to prevent people to write in a specific channel.

I saw the option "Only owners can post messages" which is corresponding to my needs. 

I wanted to know if it's possible to enable to option automatically for every new Teams created?

With a specific policy or a Powershell command I could add in my script?

Thank you
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AFAIK this cannot not be done using PowerShell or Graph, yet.
Thank you for the answer.
Do you know if there is a possibility to automatize this option?
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Just looked through the available settings, at least those I could locate but cannot find one. So, no such option as far as I can see.
Arf, so bad. Thank you for the answer.