MS Office showing as "Unlicensed" after Windows 11 Update

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Hello everyone. 


My sister's laptop got done with the Windows 11 update a few days ago. The laptop came with a factory install of Windows 10 and MS Office Home & Student 2019. After the update for Windows 11, all of the Office apps have had some features disabled and they're reflecting as being "unlicensed". When we tried to troubleshoot the same by going to the activation page, it says that this Microsoft account already has an install reflecting against the account, and that we should transfer the license. However, it's not allowing us to do this activity. Please help! 

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Hi did you manage to solve the problem? I bought my laptop in 2019 with genuine Windows 10 installed with Office 2016 which has a product key. In 2020 October Windows update offered a free update to Windows 11 from of course Microsoft. I also updated it and got Windows 11 installed. All went well until January 2023 during one of the Windows regular updates completed, my Office 2016 went missing and all my Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents can't be opened anymore. The respective icons turned into the Viewer icon. I tried to reinstall my Office 2016 with the product key and it says no longer supported, After searching through Microsoft's and Google came to know that mainstream support of Office 2016 ended on 13 October 2020. Basically, Microsoft wants us to purchase Microsoft 365 with an annual fee as you can't even find Office 2016, etc. in the Microsoft store. Probably have to purchase from retailers to install Office 2016 or 2020 etc. But sooner or later I think they will terminate all Office apps and only install Microsoft 365. Very sad how they are making money by forcing us and bullying us by removing genuinely installed Office apps and then giving you the run around to finally either install new Office or purchase Microsoft 365!!!!

@Arunkumar2811 I still do NOT have Microsoft Office working on my computer, and I have found everything I need for free on Google Drive.  Even if you have to pay a small annual subscription for the storage fees, it is nowhere near the annual fees for O365, and you have the ability to access any document anytime from anywhere - or share it across platforms with ease.  I have always been impressed with Microsoft, but over the past 5-10 years, their pricing and support models leave something to be desired, and is not something I would like to invest in personally.  Good luck to you!

@Arunkumar2811  No sorry still unable to get clear " not  genuine office". I am still using office suite, it a bit annoying. What more more annoying is that i am getting updates! for the office suite.



go to run and then put in regedit. Then you will see it under the list. 



Then find it and do the rest! 


THANK YOU!! I downloaded the update on my computer and my school district wasn't ready to roll it out yet. Now you can't update to Windows 11 anymore, but mine is now perfect all by following your directions! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you. found the file my error. Tried putting in "Network Service" . got this?


@Golfer2536 It's easy to do! I accidently put the Hkey-user thing in the run box at first! Look at how smart we are getting while helping each other out!! :confetti_ball::grinning_face:


My IT people at the school couldn't figure it out so we owe it all to the guy who took his time to post the directions so we wouldn't be lost<3

Just had a Dell 3520 experience this issue. Did not see this registry hack so we just back rev'd to Windows 10 and all was good again. Interesting that in a year and a half, this is still an issue in the wild.
If we run the upgrade again (unlikely at this point) and reproduce the issue, we'll try the reg hack.



@Mike2068  Thank you. Looked at the reg hack and did not work. After year and half, learning to live with it. 



For this case, would suggest having a fresh reinstallation 



After upgrading PC to Win 11 from Win 10 via Windows Update, Office 2019 Home and Business asked for activation again, but would throw up an error saying the key was already in use. After searching, I see many people having this problem with the Office Suites installed by iso or the installer. Repairing will not work, activating by phone will not work either. Skip all the regedits and all the other stuff you find and do this:
Completely uninstall your Office suite.
Then go to this site and log in with your Microsoft credentials that you were using the suite with before:
Then go to this site and enter your activation key: Sign in to your account
Download and reinstall=profit!