MS Office showing as "Unlicensed" after Windows 11 Update

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Hello everyone. 


My sister's laptop got done with the Windows 11 update a few days ago. The laptop came with a factory install of Windows 10 and MS Office Home & Student 2019. After the update for Windows 11, all of the Office apps have had some features disabled and they're reflecting as being "unlicensed". When we tried to troubleshoot the same by going to the activation page, it says that this Microsoft account already has an install reflecting against the account, and that we should transfer the license. However, it's not allowing us to do this activity. Please help! 

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It happened with my laptop too, I try to check "the program and feature - and find that  the office installed on the day that I updated the windows 10 into windows 11.

I tried to re-activate but failed.


I hope Microsoft can fix this  


hi, did you solve this problem, i also experienced this right now.. i dont think they register our licensed to windows 10 not 11 so they dont recognize it, our licensed is fused in our account, the problem is how to migrate to new device, or they need a server update for our licensed

Any luck with this? If anyone has some insight, please share. Same problem, same version of Office, same issue after upgrade. :( I was just told when I contacted support that I can only get feedback/help on the forums. Anything would be appreciated!

Bro, Don't worry about this!!!

First go to .

 Then Sign in with the microsoft account which you've used to sign up while booting the laptop for the first time.

There you will find a Install button. It will direct you to the service and subscription of your account page. Click back to subscription, Scroll down. You'll find a appropriate version of Office that has already on your windows 10 device. Click install and start your productivity...

Done and done.@mridulpillay 

were you able to solve the issue? I have the same problem please help

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Sign In with the Microsoft account you've already using in the Windows 10.

Step 3: There you'll find the Install button



Step 4: Click it and Again click 'Back to Subscription' on the next page.

Step 5: Scroll down you'll see the Office version details you've got in Windows 10 with Install option with it.



  It will download 7MB .exe installer file.Run the installer to download a Office apps.

            ******DISCLAIMER: Installer will take huge amount of data to download.******@ephyrm09 

@Suwethan hi! Thank you for responding but when I click "install office" it only ask me to go premium with Microsoft 365. I just found out that I have both Microsoft 365 and office 2019 installed in my laptop. When I opened any office app it's unlicensed. I originally have windows 10 and pre-installed office 2019 before.

@ephyrm09  Yes, Eventually I also get that frustarting option. Later then I realised that I Signed In with wrong Microsoft account. The thing is

******  Use the Correct Microsoft Account  ******

  • When you purchased your laptop and Unboxs it. And boot it up for the first time Windows setup asks you to sign up for a new account and asks for your name, DOB, and so on.
  • You must use the MICROSFOT Account that you've used on the FIRST BOOT UP.....

Think, Remember and Use the correct Account


Let me know once you've solved your problem.


Thanks so much for the reply! I should've included my troubleshooting steps. I've reinstalled office 3 times, confirmed the 19 license is active on same account I'm signed into on the laptop. On the accounts screen in Word/Excel it used to have a link above the "License set to expire" which had Other Licensing information (yes, was the 2019 license, but it wouldn't allow me select it) but after the 365 fully expired I haven't seen that again. I've tried running as admin through the install process and just basically using it out of desperation. Disabled Windows firewalls and an other silly thing that magically fixed MS issues in the past. :waving_hand: nearly it does seem like a local issue with permissions (that install never completes, it always hangs at the end thinking another install is running, even if I clean reboot and run it immediately).
I tried all steps as you mentioned. After the last step it just keeps loading and my problem stays the same! I've bought my laptop 6 months back and i have access to student and home 2019 but it's showing that my trial to 365 is over and product activation failed and what not!
It goes the same to me. I tried all the steps he mentioned but still none of them work and I can't still use my office.
Hey, it STILL isn't working for me. I spent hours upon hours trying things found across the internet and nothing worked. So, I uploaded all my files to Google Drive, and it works like a charm (and I can access all my documents from my phone). If I end up having to pay for Storage there (in maybe 2 years), then the annual fee is still a fraction of MS Office. Good luck everyone!

After many processes, still I can't activate my Office. 

I have tried several things to get them to talk and no two ways seem to work to get Office 365 and Windows 11 Pro to play nice. One I went through and repaired through the settings and the apps, that worked on one desktop, but not on anything else. I have another desktop that doesn't want to communicate or install at all no matter what I try. I have tried to install through the website as recommended by Suwethan, and I get an error. I have tried to go through the settings and app, and I get the same problem. It is a work account, and there are around 50 computers that are all W10 Pro except for 4 devices. And all 4 don't like Office 365. I would have thought Microsoft would have had a smooth transition for a Microsoft product?
We also had this issue and the solution for it was to
Run regedit
Go to HKey-Users\s-1-5-20
Right click and choose permissions
Click add and enter “Network Service”
Give Network Service Full control

In the end the issue was that after upgrade windows would loose ability to run activation check with Network service account for some reason.
Applying registry permissions is fixing it

 @catcarrot This is the first response that makes sense, but I gave up on MS Office when I got no support for a paid service from the vendor.  My subscription has since expired and I'm on Google Drive with much better set up than I had previously - with the built in integration, I doubt I'll ever go back.  Good luck!  

I'm afraid this didn't work for me. Still shows the error that Office Pro Plus 2019 detected changes on your computer, followed by the activation error, 0x004C060 (we're sorry, slobbering went wrong)...
My windows 11 in regedit, is unable to locate this file Hkey-Users\s-1-5-20 ???

@mridulpillay I was able to resolve mine. Go to and sign in using your Microsoft account and re-install your purchased product.