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I can not find a community for MS Flows or PowerApps, so I decided to post here.

I work with Smartsheet, OneNote and Teams. Within these 3 platforms there are work where I create tasks which are assigned to someone in my team.
I could be doing a plan review, document or minutes in onenote or a conversation in msteams.
This means I would need 1 common place to bring the tasks together.

What I am testing is to use planner to collect all tasks. Another thing is that I want to automate this procedure. And because these application dont seem to integrate directly with planner, So my logic is:

Get the applications to post an update with the task details to a msteam channel. Then I could use MS flows to pick up this channel post and import into planner as a task.

I am unable to create a sucessfull flow that does this. Also, I seem to be missing a logic that would allow the flow to pickup the team member name to whom the task would be assigned to.

Any ideas?
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@Rui Cabral I had to double-check too but there is a dedicated community, where more people can help with Flow (Power Automate) -