MS apps won't open on Samsung Galaxy S9

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Hello!  All of my MS apps stopped opening on my phone, Samsung Galaxy S9.  No other app is having an issue.  I've chatted with MS support and they were unable to resolve the issue so directed me to this forum.  I've done a force stop in each app, cleared the cache in each app, made sure my phone is synced to the Google server, uninstalled/reinstalled the apps, restarted the phone, but they still immediately shut down as soon as they open. Any ideas?



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I have the same problem with my Samsung S20. It starts like it's gonna open and then just shutdown.

@Maywand Samsung's recommendation was to do a factory reset but I was waiting to see if I'd get any responses here first.  I waited a few days then decided to try one last time to open the apps before doing a reset.  This time they opened!  I have no idea what the issue was, but now they seem to be running fine.