MS 365 and Edge not accepting user password

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Hello everyone, one of my users (the clinical director, no less) has been unable to log onto her work MS 365 account. I tried changing her password, but they still won't accept the new one. Initially, I was able to sign onto the Office homepage on the web, but none of the desktop apps worked; they keep saying her password is incorrect. I've uninstalled the desktop apps but I don't want to reinstall until I know the password will work across all MS 365 apps and in Edge. The computer is an HP laptop running windows 10 for business, and the apps are on a business license as well. When another user had a similar problem, the cause was found to be corrupted registry files. Can anyone recommend a solution? My boss, the IT director, is out of town so I'm on my own to fix this. Thank you!

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are identities sync from on prem ad to M365 via an ad connect server? if so that would be the first place to check as it is possible the password sync is broken - if these accounts are purely cloud accounts - could be a corruption as you indicated or could be the new password is on the Azure bad password list and preventing that password to be used. if using cloud identities you could try resetting the password for the user directly in the M354 user admin portal then try logging into the Office portal in a private browser window and see if the apps appear
Hi Steve, thank you for your reply. We do have our own server but I don't know how to check for password sync on it. The new password is one that the MS admin center autogenerated, as it does for all users who need a new password, so I doubt it's on a no-go list.

@BMilligan505 check the AD connect health Azure Active Directory Connect Health - Azure Active Directory admin center this will give you information around the health of AD Connect sync if you are using hybrid identities - if resetting the password in the cloud with hybrid identities (ones synced from on prem AD) password writeback needs to be enabled to write the changed password back to AD on prem - if AD connect is not healthy these password syncs may be broken.


Hard to provide more guidance without knowing more of about your environment - which sounds like is information you do not have

Thanks for this, Steve. I don't believe we have this tool at the moment, my boss had us using Desktop Central but is currently trying to get away from it after a security breach. It sounds like I'll have to wait for his return to resolve this issue. Thank you!