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Hi All,

Can any one guide me to any online study materials available for MS-100 certification. I've searched entire Microsoft portal and unable to find one.

Since they have moved away from the 70-346 exams around  6 months back, I'm pretty sure they have some kind of materials made available by now.

Many thanks.



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Hi @kevingeorget,

Here we go. I wrote this earlier this year after taking MS-100

Several others, including @Deepak Mehta @Mehtas Deepak have informed me they have used it as part of their learning to pass it.

Hope that helps and answers your question! Best of luck!

Best, Chris

Thanks @Christopher Hoard , I'm going to dive into this.


Hello @Christopher Hoard .  I thought I should reply here and say heads up if you are considering the Mindhub 'official' practice test for this exam.  ##UPDATED (I removed a screenshot and am toning down my message to be less abrasive.)


The practice tests are great to study with as you can ask to see answers to questions, and in the answers & explanations, there are links to official and related  articles.  The thing to watch out for is that a lot of the time the answers and explanations are completely wrong.  So, if you study with the practice tests like I do, you're at risk of learning not only wrong answers, but wrong explanations of those wrong answers.


The percentage of questions like what I've just described is not that high, but it's definitely worth clicking all the reference links in the explanations so you can figure out the correct right answer, regardless of what the practice test says is 'correct'.  Considering all this, I still recommend the practice test. 

Has links to the Open EDX training courses for both Azure and M365 tracks, some of the course are no available now or in archived status, and the Official exam prep guide has also been released

Thanks for the resources, I'm looking for others who are studying to help motivate one another to completion.

Any help greatly appreciated :)