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Why is it that my office cant moved message from my "inbox" to my "archive". I'm talking about my main account coz we are provided with a shared email with my workmates. I'm referring to my main account. I've done it several times for me to check if it was just a slow internet connection that causing the delay. However, it turned out that my messages aren't in the "archive" as to how may times I've checked it over and over again. First time to encounter such an error. What could be the reason? Was the IT Department in our organization can control such an option? Was the Microsoft Office 365 account "inbox" messages been programmed to "archive" messages automatically as soon as they reached time limit(depends on the days/months it was stored in the inbox) and no other new inbox messages can be moved to "archive" because the end user just wanted to. We just used this 365 account recently provided by our org. and things inside are pretty much different(in fact impressive:hearteyes:) from other servers but there are lots of things to be discovered and learn from.

check on messages that I wanted to movedcheck on messages that I wanted to movedso after clicking on the "moved to" I click on the "archive" option on the leftso after clicking on the "moved to" I click on the "archive" option on the leftno messagesno messages




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