Moving email from host to Office 365 Business Essentials?

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I'm having issues configuring my email for my newly-purchased Office 365 Business Essentials.


I have a domain which I purchased with godaddy, and hostdime is managing my email (hostdime has DNS host). I would like to stop using hostdime completely and move everything to Office 365 Business Essentials plan, which I already paid.


In Office 365, I'm in step "Add the records for your website". My concern is that it seems that everything still goes through hostdime.


What do I need to do to set up Office 365 to receive email from my domain and close my hostdime account?



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Hi Vaughn,


I advise first of all to contract another DNS provider and then move your registar to the new DNS provider with all DNS records in fist time and then you can validate your domain to Office 365.

Thanks. I already validated my domain by adding the TXT record to the DNS host in my current hosting (hostdime). Would I need to do this again?


Since I bought my domain from godaddy, can godaddy act as DNS provider? OR better yet, can Microsoft act as DNS provider since I'll be using Office 365?

Hi Vaughn,


If you have your domain from godaddy, they can act as DNS provider if you have services with them.


Microsoft has the DNS Service in Azure.

Like people already stated, GoDaddy can host your DNS as well. You might want to look at your original DNS settings and copy them to GoDaddy. You might use your DNS for more than just email. If not, Office 365 provides integration with GoDaddy as well. 


Can you assist me, I have move my domain to Office 365
all is well after the migration but my website is giving error of the IP Address !

any idea? Thanks

@Vaughn Myers 


i am with which is my appraisal software company.  i want to move my host from alamode to office 365 account.



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