Moving a page to a new site in SharePoint Online

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I have a SharePoint site (let's call it site A) that we are going to delete but we have 2 pages on that site that need to be moved to a different site (let's call it site B). Those pages are instrumental for 2 other processes and both have unique permissions and document libraries that were all created under the Site A settings. 


I'm assuming when we actually delete the Site A, we lose those pages, the document libraries and permission groups since they were created under that site. 


My questions are:

  1. Is my assumption correct and by deleting Site A we will lose the pages, the document libraries, and the groups? 
  2. Is it possible to move the two pages over to Site B without having to complete re-create them?
  3. Is it possible to move the document libraries over to Site B without having to completely re-create them?
  4. Is it possible to move the user groups over to Site B?
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Hello, @Amanda_Fasano


Yes, you are correct in that when you delete a site you delete all of the associated pages. They will go to a recycle bin accessible by your SharePoint administrators and be available for resurrection for 30 days.


Unfortunately, copy and paste are not available options in SharePoint - for pages, libraries or permissions.


It will all be a manual process of creating the appropriate pages and Document Libraries on Site B, then moving the background files / resources and adding links to the new pages in Site B.


When it comes to assigning permissions, if you have AD (Active Directory) groups or single-layer PDLs set up, you can use those for granting permissions to groups of users. Otherwise, it's a manual effort.

Could you export the site as a template including content (or just the library, not the whole site)? It wouldn't preserve the groups or permissions, but might keep the structure.