Mouse scrolling in Word is laggy/jumpy

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Hi! I recently got a new Lenovo ThinkPad to replace my old Asus laptop. I have been using Office 365 products provided by my university, but now I am facing a problem with scrolling in Word. The scrolling is fine on my old laptop and it works fine with the new laptop's own touchpad, but scrolling with a mouse specifically in Word is laggy/jumpy and not smooth at all. I tried searching online for answers on how to make the scrolling smooth, but the only one I found was to go into Word's advanced settings and in the display section disable graphic acceleration, update document content while dragging and use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen. The graphic acceleration option wasn't even there and disabling the other two did nothing. I am using a Logitech wireless mouse and the driver is updated to the newest version. Help would be appreciated!

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Hello! Which Logitech wireless mouse are you using currently? I have two Logitech mice and a wireless keyboard, hopefully I can help you figure out what's up.

First off, make sure the unifying receiver is plugged in properly. Ideally, I'd try not to have any other usbs plugged in to the adjacent slots to eliminate the possibility of interference. Second, make sure you aren't trying to use the mouse from too far away, or with anything solid in between that could weaken the signal. I definitely don't get the 15' range listed for mine.

Next, check your toolbar icons to see if the Logitech Unifying Software software is installed and running. If not, head over to and install it. (Wouldn't hurt to scan the link on VirusTotal and the exe with Defender, but that's your call). It will probably start up on its own and make the connection, potentially installing new firmware for the mouse.

If it still is laggy and/or didn't start and pair with the mouse, try this. Press Win+X and then M to open Device Manager. Up top, click View, then "Show Hidden Devices." Scroll down to 'Mice and other pointing devices' and click on it. There's bound to be two at least, maybe more, mice listed here. Some will be greyed out. Right click on the greyed out ones and Uninstall Device, checking the box to delete the driver if it gives you the option. Check out the properties of whatevers left and try uninstall them all until you're down to the one for your mouse. At this point, save and close anything you have running, and uninstall the last mouse. You'll have to use your keyboard to restart, so pick one of the dozen ways and shut her down. (Alt+F4 repeat, repeat | Ctrl+Alt+Del twice, then Tab over to the power symbol | press Win and use arrows/Tab to reach the power options | etc, etc, etc) While you're rebooting, unplug the usb receiver and turn the mouse off. Wait until it's up and running and plug the receiver back in, start up the Logitech Unifying Software, turn on the mouse, and follow the instructions.

Depending on which mouse you have, you can try installing Logitech's Options app if it's still experiencing issues. You can find it at I very much doubt it should have to come to that, though.

Also, I am assuming you have tried all of the basic Windows fixes already. Because I'd try those first. Just in case...

1. 'Win+ I' > Devices > Mouse > check the speed and scroll settings > click 'Additional mouse options' > check the settings in here as well

2. 'Win + I' > System > About > Advanced system settings > choose the Advanced tab > under 'Performace' choose 'Settings' > look at the settings on the Visual Effects tab. I tend to leave mine on the "Let Windows choose what's best" option, but it's up to you - there isn't a huge drop in performance when all of the effects are on. You definitely want to check the Smooth-scroll option, though. Try activating them all, and if you notice it fixes your erratic pointer you can go back and disable settings one at a time.

Hope this helps!

@jaynexus Thank you for your reply. My mouse is Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. I had already tried some of your suggestions, and I checked also the rest of them, but nothing helped. It is still laggy :( I feel like the issue is within the Word application, since this problem hasn't occurred anywhere else.


I'm getting super frustrated trying to work with this, seems like there is no solution. I have also sent feedback directly via Word.

@seppanenSorry to hear that. Hopefully the Word team gets back to you about it. Also, try the Logitech support team. May be that you have a faulty device that needs replacing? Or there could be an issue with with a driver/firmware/software on their end.


Best of luck!

I have exactly the same problem.

I'm using a Logitech G203 mouse and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019, on a LeNovo Legion 5i. The mouse wheel works fine on every other app, but not on the Word app (it works fine on other apps from Office suit, like Excel). Basically, i'm getting an annoying "extra scroll" randomly (that extra scrolls happens immediately after some scrolls - it is subtle, but annoying).

Can't find any "graphic acceleration option" anywhere neither.

Strangely, the mouse wheel scrolls perfectly fine on Word only when I open the app on "safe mode".

Does anyone knows any possible solution?
Hi, I had the same issues (have the same noise) and tried loads of stuff. Have 3 logitech mice and am going to sell them all. Picked up my old faithful wireless Microsoft mouse and scrolling returned to super smooth scrolling.
Yeah, that extra scroll after it finishes scrolling. I still have it. But I did find a way to minimize it. like it rarely happens unless scrolling really fast. What you do you go to Apps and Features, go to office 365 then modify and fix or reset. It will now kinda fix the problem. Sorry for responding late. I just found it myself.

@Thermoximus I think that I found a solution. Just simply turn off the animation settings on Windows.