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We have applied custom theme to our Office 365 Suite Bar by adding image file as a logo and dark blue as background color. As a result all site collections and sub sites inherit the same suit bar theme. But when I create modern Team site or communication sites then the theme is not getting applied to those new sites. The theme get applied to  The new modern sites always show the default blue background without logo.


All classic sites/admin sites/ etc




Modern Team site:




Is this usual? In this case how to enforce logo and styles to the office 365 suite bar?




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Our tenant has started doing this since the update on the 31st Jan but only for some sites. I have just logged a call with the service desk. Plus a couple of the webparts (Yammer/Document library/List) aren't working as expect also. 

I believe this problem is related with other discussions happening currently in the Tech Community around theming and also with some recent incidents we have in SPO. Apparently Microsoft has rolled out some things that are causing those side effects

We have exactly that same issue since 2 days now. Our tenant is located in Dublin.

Since all sites currently used at our customer are modern team sites (Office 365 Groups), they all look crappy.


Microsoft, please come up with a solution FAST!!

@Sam Larson maybe?

Potentially has something to do with this?


2018-02-07 10_32_34-Office Admin center - Service health.png

I'm currently investigating and will update as soon as possible.

I'm experiencing the same issue with one of my client tenants.


I've found that the suite bar customizations are being applied to any system page in the modern Team  and Communication Sites (i.e. Site Contents, Document Library Views, etc.) but not any of my Site Pages.


Lastly, FWIW, this one tenant is the only one that I have that's not set to any level of Targeted Release. All other tenants I have are set to some level of Targeted. Not sure if this has any relevance to the issue.

Thanks for the information Jason ! I'll PM you shortly.

We are still investigating and have posted SP128778 to the service health dashboard.

We believe we have fully fixed the issue.


Please ensure to clear your browser cache and run Ctrl+F5 on the site collection having issues - If for any reason any of you are still seeing the issue please let me know.

Hi Sam,

Yes the banner part is now fixed I can confirm and the Yammer web part is now working.


We are still having issues with the List and Document library page webparts, where the controls don't work any longer. I have this as a call with Service Support.



Thanks for confirming Stephen Vidulich .

In regards to the WebPart controls I have also been investigating this issue and we are working towards a fix .

 @Sam Larson 


The suit bar issue seems to be fixed, but I am getting another alignment issue in the web page. The top navigation links are overlapping the site title. I deleted all links from top/global navigation . now the Edit link overlaps the site title.  Is this related to the Suit bar branding issue?



At first glance this looks like a CSS branding issue. Do you have some CSS Customizations on your master page? Overall this should not be related to the issue we were seeing yesterday.

It's a modern communication site and we have not applied any CSS or master page because I believe modern pages don't respond to custom CSS/masterpages. All web parts added to this page are OOO ones. Just deployed a header and a footer message (inside DIV tag) inside header/footer placeholder using SPFX app customizer. I think the SPFX app customizer won't push the page DOMs below for this alignment issue. Surprisingly I created a new communication site and the same issue is not happening. I am confused. 

We might need to look a bit deeper here. Feel free to PM me more details on the site collection in question or we can look at getting you a support ticket opened.

Looks like the Yammer webpart has got the error again.


Something went wrong

If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details.

I am currently investigating the issue .

Today I noticed the issue is no more. The alignment is proper. Seems fix has been pushed to our tenant.